My entry for ludum dare 34!

It is a simple "flappy bird" like game, where you eat and grow.

Their is no end, just try to have the longest tail, so you can compare it with your friends!

have fun! And be careful with thoses red things...

It is the Post Ludum version, here are the modifications :

- Enlarged the hit boxes of the collectable objects.

- Added bonus bombs, you get some when you do not get hit for some time.

- Corrected a bug where objects were never destroyed after going out of the screen.

- Added some text to the interface.

- Changed the colors of the grass, to make understand that it is not hostile.

- Upgraded the shader of the enemys.

- Added some lens flare.

- Added a Shake Camera Effect

- Added some sounds.

- Added music that evolve with the lenght of the player's tail.